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  1. Alair and Goldie,

    I found your story very inspiring, when I saw it on WXYZ News this week. I am a father of two boys whom are on the Autism Spectrum, and I am from Oxford MI. The reason I am emailing you is to give you more support, and resources that might be of a benefit to you. My wife and I belong to group called Inspiring The Hearts For Autism in Lapeer MI. They are group that provide information and support for parents, and anyone on the Autism Spectrum. This group has even caught the attention of Michigan’s LT. Gov. Brian Calley whose daughter is also on the ASD Spectrum. Both of you are more than welcomed to attend a meeting, and or become a member if you choose so. The group has a lot of experience in fundraising, and might be able to give you some tips and/or point you in the right direction to help achieve your goal. To get more information on this group I suggest you email Jennifer Schenkel The CEO of Inspiring The Hearts For Autism. She is really good at returning emails, so I would imagine you would fairly quick response. Below is the contact information, and a link for the groups website.

    Kind regards,
    Steven Laine

    Inspiring Hearts for Autism
    Charitable License # MICS 41730
    EIN 26-4022093

    P.O. Box 523
    Lapeer, MI 48446

    (810) 656-6139



  2. Sorry I did not mean Goldie the chicken LOL. Sorry error on my part. Lack of sleep and two kids on the ASD spectrum will do that to one.


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