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Neurobiofeedback  with Sharon Bergman at  Brain Attain.  Click Here

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Alair’s other gifts

July County Fair Fashion Show

July County Fair Fashion Show

Alair has many other gifts and wants to be known for more than raising chickens.  Here she models her award winning 50’s dress, with 50’s sewing machine and grandfather’s 50’s letterman sweater.

The Dream, The Vision


Gratitude Grove Farm Inc.

See the Vision, Feel the Hope, Buy a Book, Pass the Word  

Autistic kids with friends leading the way to miracles,

Following a different Path to Success.

Join us as we create something Amazing.

In our endeavor to preserve our farm life and down home healing process, we want to “give back as we go.” Helping a “zillion” people in this manner,  this crop of hope is growing HUGE!  Thousands of people together will make a change, Goldie and Alair are leading the charge.  But watch out Robbie and his goats are not far behind!  Our Autism is going to be a gift to the world instead of a burden and you can join us.