I Can’t Put the Book Down

“I couldn’t put the book down after I started it!”  Is the most common comment we have heard from people who have read the book.  What follows is an e-mail sent to family related to those in  “My Best Friend Goldie”:

Well, thanks to Alair I didn’t have to do my Saturday house cleaning until after lunch!  In the morning I threw in a load of wash and started reading her book.  I read the entire book in one sitting.  (I don’t remember ever doing that before!)  I only put it down for a bathroom break and to wipe the tears from my eyes.  They were tears of joy, disbelief, sadness, and amazement.  I even read through breakfast and lunch.  (I guess I should have at least had breakfast before I picked up the book!)

What a wonderful story!  I can’t believe Alair has accomplished and experienced so many interesting things in her life so far.  I was truly amazed at what she usually was willing and able to attempt.  I don’t think as an adult I would have the desire or stamina to try what she has tried.  She is amazing and it brought tears to my eyes throughout the story.

I get chills when I think about how many places she visited, how many people influenced her life, but most important, how many lives she has influenced.  I know I have learned a lot about how special needs children perceive things and what can help them through their challenges.

Sharon and her family should be bursting with pride.  They are one of the strongest families I’ve ever heard about.   I was actually talking out loud as I read, “I can’t believe this!”  “Wow, that is amazing!  “How could she handle that?”  “Yes, you go girl!”  “Why did that have to happen?!”  “Thank God for bringing those people into their lives.”  “God, please heal Sharon and give her the strength to endure all of her challenges also.”

And the list goes on!

People don’t have a clue how awesome the book is by looking at the cover or reading the postcard.  It is so well written.  Sharon and Alair need to keep writing.  They both have a multitude of talents!  I was happy I was able to see some of Alair’s artistic talent at the beginning of each chapter.  That was a good touch.

Has anyone taken the book to any colleges?  What a great learning tool.  Reading the book is the next best thing to experiencing the actual events.

Thanks again for introducing me to part of your remarkable family through the reading of My Best Friend Goldie!

Have a good rest of your weekend.

J. Scheiwe


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