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The story behind the book “My Best Friend Goldie”

A single mother with two autistic children battling cancer wrote a book with her daughter. It is not about the struggles, but instead about the miracles and gratitude in their lives.  They find help in an unlikely place, the barnyard.  Here they not only encountered a miracle that gave them new life, they also found ways to overcome many struggles and met a warm community.  The book gives insights of innovative methods to provide therapy for children with autism.  Their story will inspire you, make you laugh and make you cry.  For many families it will provide helpful resources for dealing with persons with disabilities.  This story will be a gift to families with similar challenges.

With this story also comes a cry for help.  This cry is to preserve the farm experience for this family. The farm they are renting is being sold, so they need resources to buy it or purchase or rent another farm.  They want to use their own success to touch other families with their farm.  They dream of a place where many special needs children can experience the gifts they have experienced with animals.

Will you consider being a part of making their book an overnight success?  For only  $7.99 you can help by downloading the book to your Kindle, or Kindle apps for iPad, iPhone, iPod touch, PC, Mac, BlackBerry, and Android-based devices. (Purchase these at For $14.95 print copies of the book are available at  Check  or Facebook at “My Best Friend Goldie at Gratitude Grove” for information.   To contact us by e-mail go to or

Book Description:  “Never would I have imagined myself here,” this mother expresses about her life with her daughter, Alair whom was born with multiple challenges including: Autism Spectrum Disorder, learning disabilities, OCD, Sensory Integration Dysfunction and Auditory Processing Disorder.  A miracle occurred in Alair’s life when she found an unusual talent in working with chickens and farm animals.

As this incredible journey unfolds an amazing community is discovered.  Insight appears as the family embarks on a courageous struggle in spite of losing their home, dealing with cancer and unyielding crisis.  Against all odds this young autistic girl rose to levels of success with a very special friend, a chicken named Goldie.

Thank-you for your support,

Friends and Family of Alair and Sharon


One thought on “Book is available

  1. Sharon, I saw your story on the news. I am so sorry for what you are going through . You are an amazingly strong women and you will find the answers you need. Justin keeps asking about you. He is doing really well thanks to you! Maybe we will meet up again. Wendy Mallory

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