Our book is close to being published.

Description: Alair Laree Bergman was born with multiple challenges including Autism spectrum disorder, learning disabilities, OCD, sensory integration dysfunction, and auditory processing disorder. A miracle occurred in her life when she found an unusual talent in working with chickens and farm animals. As the story unfolds you will learn about an amazing community that helped her along and her Mother’s journey to get her where she needed to be, in spite of losing their home, dealing with cancer and unyielding crisis. Against all odds this young girl, rose to levels of success with the friendship of a very special friend, a chicken named Goldie.


5 thoughts on “Our book is close to being published.

  1. I would like to help promote the book at the ALL AMERICAN PET EXPO in NOVI
    September 21-23 — We are expecting 20,000 pet lovers and I think this would be a great way to sell a lot of books.
    If you won’t have the book in time you can presell them by having a booth and taking orders… My contact info is Steve Cantin, Founder and Media Director of the ALL AMERICAN PET EXPO my email is steve@aapetexpo.com and my cell # is 614-206-4073

  2. Congratulations to Alair, Robbie, and Sharon for your perseverance. Blessings on your will to overcome hardship and to shine the light of hope within our little community. May that light now illuminate the world!

  3. I just bought your book on Amazon Kindle and am skimming through it. I’m enjoying all your references to 4H and look forward to reading the whole book soon.

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